A Fully Attended Laundromat in Overland with Wash & Fold and Laundry Pickup & Delivery

Poly Clean Wash Me

2142 Woodson Rd
Overland, MO 63114
Hours of Operation:
7AM - 10PM
Alt/Fax: (314) 583-7824 (Owner)

Our laundromat in Overland, MO is easy to find!

We are located in the Woodson Center alongside Woodson Grocery & Liquor Store and Hair Salon.

Our coin laundromat is on Woodson Rd. between Wabaday Ave. and Kalen Dr. We are not too far from the Highway I - 170.

Centrally located in St. Louis and can handle whatever laundry service that you need, both in store or pickup and delivery. So if you are looking to save time, try our drop-off laundry service. Just leave your laundry with us and we will take care of it for you.

You can save even more time when you sign up for pickup and delivery. With this laundry service we will pick-up your laundry from your home. We will wash it, dry it and fold it for you and return it to you ready to put away!

So whether you are looking to do your own laundry or you want to utilize our wash and fold, we are the laundromat for you!

Please give us a call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.


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Our SM slogans that could stand out as inspirational and motivational on their own:

- Feeling Too Tired To Do Laundry? You Can Visit Our Laundromat, Use Our Services And Just Relax.

- Stop Putting Off Your Laundries and Wash Them With Us Today. Let Us Help You Get It Done!

- Discover Our Excellent Laundry Services And Keep Your Clothes Impeccable. Hire Us Today!

- We Can Be Your Go -To Laundromat With Great Quality Machines. Drop By With Your Laundry.

- We offer free pick-up & delivery, fast turnaround, and amazing customer service.

- Laundry Day Does Not Have to Be So Stressful. Unwind And Relax In Our Laundromat Now.

- Our Laundromat Is Staffed Full-Time By Dedicated Customer Service Representatives, Modern      Laundry Equipment and Selected Products For Preserving The Fabrics.

- When The Laundry Needs To Get Sorted, Come & Do It At Our Friendly Launderette.

- Do Not Keep Delaying Your Laundry Day. Cross It Off Your To-Do List And Visit Us Now.

- Have Clean Clothes Ready For You To Wear Right Away! Do Laundry With Us Today.

- How Long Have You Been Wearing The Same Dirty Clothes? Do Laundry With Us Now.

- Do Your Laundry With Us Today And Feel Relaxed While Waiting For Clean Clothes.

- Skip the laundry this weekend, let us take care of it.

- It's always a rush to get laundry done last minute before the end of the week! But we can help!

- We have FREE soap Tue - Thur 7am - 11am! Can't go wrong with that!

- Spending time with a family is important. Let us take the tedious task of laundry out of your taskbar.

…wish yo could time travel to when the laundry was clean again...

- Cold wash is better because most modern laundry detergents work better in the cold. Plus it is more environmentally friendly.

- Astronauts on the International Space Station eject their dirty laundry into space to burn off in the Earth's atmosphere. That's a long trip for laundry. We are nearby serving the Greater St. Louis Metro Area..

- Why do the laundry when someone else could do it for you? Stop in and ask about our laundry service.

- The modern electric washer is reported to have greatly influenced the women's liberation movement, enabling woman to spend less time on laundry, so that they could enter the workforce. Save your time!

- Laundry may not be the most fun but it is most gratifying when finished and neatly put away. 

- Cast members at Walt Disney World wash an average of 285,000 lb of laundry a day. That's as much as if you did one load everyday for the next 44 years. And you don't have to!

- Service you can trust. Quality you can see.

- Accessibility and security are top of mind when your belongings are under our care.

- There's no better feeling than walking away with some fresh, clean laundry!

- The next time laundry day comes around, trust your clothes with the best.

- We’re a team of perfectionists focused on keeping your cherished garments, fabrics, curtains, and comforters looking as perfect as the day you got them.

- At our Laundromat, we are always doing everything we can to ensure we are providing only the best Wash and Fold services for Greater St. Louis and the surrounding area.

- No location near you?  No problem! Our FREE pickup and delivery service is available in over 100+ communities.  Check the website for your zip code listing & schedule your first pickup today!

- Look no further than our laundry services because our speciality is in taking care of your laundry. The best thing is we can pick, wash, dry, fold and deliver it to your doorstep.

- Put your energy into something that matters to you and let us handle all of your Wash and Fold needs.

- Now that the mask mandate has been lifted, we are excited to see the smiling faces of our customers and friends again!

- Does doing the laundry bring you joy, like it does us? If not, then let us take the everyday laundry off your hands.

- What’s the worst part about going away on vacation? COMING BACK! Let us help ease the pain by taking the laundry off your hands for a bit.

- Let us ease your way back to reality after your much needed getaway, with our Wash/Dry/Fold service paired with FREE pickup & delivery. No laundry for one more week sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

- Do the things you WANT to do and we will take care of the things you don’t want to do...all the dirty laundry!  We offer FREE pickup and delivery too!

- Do you ever find yourself feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? We can help you check your laundry off your to-do list with our FREE Pick-Up & Delivery  service!

-This week, get you some peace of mind by getting one more task off your shoulders. 

- Leave your laundry to us & take care of more important tasks. From our team to you, a Happy New Week!

- Do you own a spa, hotel, motel or guesthouse? Refresh your beddings, towels; refresh your facility linens with a spotless wash and fold from Poly Clean.

- We don’t know who needs to hear this, but your linens are due for a wash. Just call us and we will pick them up, wash and deliver them back.

- We wash some of your clothes in cold water to prevent shrinkage. We set the temperatures of our washing machines to “cold” while using detergents specially made for cold-water washing to get your clothes clean.

- We don’t just do laundry, we deliver happiness to our customers through our quality services. That is what you get when you trust Poly Clean Wash Me Laundry Services with your clothes.

- The quality of your linen isn't where you want it? We are guaranteed to improve it!