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PCWMCLC Referral Bonus Program - Refer a Business & Earn!

Refer - a - biz! Let us know those you know. It pays to have friends. They win and you win, it’s a win-win... 

So, we would like to offer you an opportunity to get a little something extra out of the commercial service. You can make $$$ by simply sharing with your friends and family, who own the business, the benefits of our Commercial Laundry Service. By the way, we cater to all types of businesses.

For every person/business you refer that uses our commercial pick-up and delivery service you will receive a referral bonus of up to $200. (Based on a volume of service order.)

The more friends/businesses use our service the more you make! There is no limit to how many referral rewards you get.

Remember, our business is laundry. Let us do your friends/family commercial laundry so they can run their business!

Now, simply fill out the form below.

Let us know your name, your contact info (phone # and email address, your commercial referral name of business, it’s location and contact name as well as contact info (phone # and email address). You can give us all additional info you think may matter.

Please, after all the info written in the form, conclude with the sentence: “I have permission to provide this person/business info.” And type your name considering as a signature.

Refer & Earn. Share. Get Paid. Repeat!

Refer a Business and You Shall Receive: