Self Service Laundry After Wash Min

Self-Service Laundromat in Overland, MO

Our coin-operated laundromat in Overland, MO has 55 washers and 43 dryers of all sizes. All machines are coin-operated with quarters that can be purchased at our change machines. You will have access to all the machines you need without having to wait. We are designed with the customer in mind.

Make yourself at home at our laundromat! We have free wi-fi, TVs, folding tables with seating, a beverage machine, a snack machine, and 3 soap and bag vending machines in a well-lit environment. Our lavanderia has two change machines and our friendly attendants can break your bills so you don't have to buy more quarters than you need. They are always available to answer your questions and address any of your concerns, as well as to help assist you with any issues. And the attendants keep the laundromat clean - cleanliness is very important to us and our customers.

In addition to our self-service laundry, we also offer: commercial laundry services for businesses, a convenient wash and fold laundry service, and free pickup and delivery if you don't have time to take care of the laundry yourself.


All our washing machines are name-brand machines guaranteed to be in good working order.

Starting at $2.25. Prices based on the size of the load, washer capacity, and cycles.


We have so many dryers that we can make sure that there will always be a dryer open and ready for you whenever you need one. We have a variety of sizes available to make sure you have the best wash laundry experience possible. No matter what you need to dry, we have a machine that can handle it, even for your bulky laundry.

Starting at $1.00. Prices based on the full drying cycle and dryer capacity.

Laundry Day Does Not Have To Be So Stressful. Unwind And Relax In Our Laundromat Now!

Brand New Large Washers. Coin Laundry. Full Line Services. Open 7 Days A Week. Friendly Customer Service. Lowest Prices. Convenient Location.

We hope to see you soon!

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