Our Prices

At Poly Clean Wash Me we keep our laundromat prices low and competitive.

Self Serve Laundry:

The cost per a load of laundry depends upon the size machine you use.  Some people like to sort their laundry and put them in smaller machines.  Others prefer to use the large machines and put all their clothes in at once. 


All our washing machines are name-brand machines guaranteed to be in good working order. Range from $2.50 - $8.25. Prices based on the size of the load, washer capacity, and cycles.


We have so many dryers that we can make sure that there will always be a dryer open and ready for you whenever you need one. We have a variety of sizes available to make sure you have the best experience possible. No matter what you need to dry, we have a machine that can handle it, even for your bulky laundry. Range from $1.00 - $2.00. Prices based on the full drying cycle and dryer capacity.

Wash & Fold/Drop-Off

If you don't like doing your own laundry then look into our wash and fold laundry service prices. We recommend taking advantage of this low-cost $1.25/Lb drop-off service! Minimum $15 per order. Wash & Fold Drop-Off orders are subject to a minimum. Any orders below $15 will be charged at the minimum price.

Same Day Wash and Fold Service available. 

For Same Day Wash & Fold Pick-Up, clothes must be dropped off before 4 pm. (*Timing may also vary due to the size of your drop-off).

You can bring your own soap or we can use ours (an extra charge applies).

Don’t forget to use our special offer of 15% off with a $25 minimum (with coupon presented).

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**$15 Minimum Order

(service fee may apply)

Pick-Up & Delivery

If you want to make your life even simpler then you should look at our pickup and delivery laundry service prices. Residential FREE Pick-Up & Delivery in St. Louis Metro And Surrounding Areas.

Low Flat Rate Per Bag!!

Never guess what your invoice will be with our easy, flat rate pricing. Simply fill up a 13 gal trash bag and we'll wash-dry-fold, according to your preferences. Our lowest price is $25 per 13 gal trash bag with a minimum of $25 per pick-up (service fee may apply).

Pick-Up & Delivery orders are subject to a minimum. Any orders below $25 will be charged at the minimum price. Standard 48 Hours Turn-Around. For Rush Services - an extra charge applies.

Services are available 7 days a week.

(Note: If your bag is overstuffed or unable to close, an overage charge may apply. To avoid overage charges, be sure your filled bag is able to close completely and no loose items are left outside of the bag.)

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per 13 Gallon Bag

**$25 Minimum Order Weekly or Bi-Weekly

(service fee may apply)

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per 13 Gallon Bag

**One-Time Pick-Up

(service fee may apply)

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Business Shirt - $6.99
  • Plain Garment - $8.99 (Skirt, Sweater, Pants, Shorts, Shirt, Blouse, Jacket)
  • Long Items - $14.50 (Dress, Robe, Jumpsuit)


So compare our laundry services prices with others and you will see we are your best choice!